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It looks like that!
I have downloaded my collection and I think it looks good. 
There is a line/subline header followed by the individual figures. 

I don't know if a tab could be added before the figure name.  So that in Excel, if a sort filter is applied, the subline header, and figure name are not in the same column.  It may not be a good idea. 
Interesting.  I've never been good at thinning out my collection.  It's something I should look into. 
While the 'new stuff' looks nice, I either already have a version of the character/toy/transformation or it's pretty niche. The diaclone repaints, now the gobot repaints, shatter glass.... while all cool, and I pick up the ones I like.... but it's not 'necessary'.  I agree I have a feel of being in a good spot with my collection. 
Thanks for the comment.
Anyone else nearing completion with their Transformers collection?
I always wanted a good G1 representation of most figures and I think I'm pretty much there.  Sludge, Snarl and Swoop are the only figures that are really outstanding.  I missed Sunstreaker and the G1 Netflix Soundwave but overall pretty I'm good. 

I don't think I'll stop picking up a good bot every now and then, but I don't feel I am missing anything anymore.   Anyone else out there feel the same?
Thank you!
You've wiped out like a third of my collection value!  Ha ha! 
I appreciate the prompt fix.  
This still seems to be an issue. 
I agree, it was a wonderful design. 
I kinda am turned off by the skeletal designs from that time, but it works with these antique designs. Great pic!
Thank you Shmax!
Your computer skills are wonderful and fantastic. 
Photo of the Day / Re: Robot Heroes Snarl (11/1/2021)
November 05, 2021, 08:30:59 AM
And also whimsically joyous; this seems to be lost to the stone-faces of the Netflix age. 
Thank you!
I always appreciate the professionalism and dedication to accuracy on this site.  The value just rubs me the wrong way. 
I appreciate the prompt reply Shmaxx!  Best regards!
11 Product Information - Jolt

I know the value chart is always relative and a work in progress..... but the value for Jolt is a bit high.
Maybe look at the code for the loose toy?  Otherwise I have two to sell.
Its a fun and creative design.  Maybe not Mindwipe, but still a Decepticon. Who else could it be repurposed into?
Fun and robust figure.  Don't make'em like that anymore.
Hi Shmax!

When I look at my profile statistics, the page isn't running and nothing is displayed.  This carries over to my signature flash animation that scrolls through my collected toys.
Could just be me.  Thought I'd post.