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Started by ArchAngelz, July 31, 2015, 08:14:06 PM

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Consider expanding the database to include a list of Funko items [Pop! vinyl, Dorbz, funimation, minis, wacky wobblers, etc]?  or if I'm able to add the group myself, how?


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We already do feature some of the Transformers Funko items in the database...not just in a dedicated "Funko" umbrella category.

For other properties, though, we plan on it (you aren't the first to ask about it; Scar04c mentioned doing this a while back) but we have to think about how to organize it.  As Funko covers a TON of other properties, we have to also create cross-listings to counterbalance such a category.

For example, we would have something like Transformers > Age of Extinction > Funko > Pop!, but to counterbalance that, we would also have to have something like Funko > Pop! > Transformers.

Now, that doesn't seem too complicated, but when it comes to all the other properties, it is a bit intimidating as it opens up a rather large can of worms, not even really related to Funko stuff.. 

Let's say we have some NFL figures under Pop!, which is fine.  But seeing them there starts talk of including other NFL figures, like the old Starting Lineups, McFarlane figures, etc.  Stuff we're not even close to being ready to tackle (pun semi-intended). 

Now, as long as people realize that fleshing out that other stuff like that will take time (not the Funko stuff itself, but the other semi-related, similar lines mentioned in the NFL example above), and might be months or even years down the road, I'm fine with that.

As far as putting up basic subcategories, I will say now that I have no clue about these Funko things, and user Scar04c was kind enough to give me a breakdown of what might be found in the Pop! line:

Game of Thrones
Halo 4
My Little Pony
Plants vs. Zombies
Sonic the Hedgehog
Star Trek
Star Wars

As I understand it, the line is just numbered items...for example 100-104 might be Adventure Time, 105-109 might be Transformers, and so on.

So, what I'm asking is should we just go with one big category, like:

Funko > Pop! and then just have all the figures under this mega-category, with no further breaking down or do something like:

Funko > Pop! > Animation > Adventure Time

and so on?

Plus, factoring in all the other types of Funko items, this might become a rather sizable task.

Dumba$$ that used to buy everything...not so much anymore.


Sounds to me like it should probably be treated like we do the Revoltech series in that it has figures from multiple properties, but is techinically "one" line.  So I vote for Funko > Pop! and go from there.



What about other Transformers that belong to multi-property lines but are just in the TF section? Like KT Figure Collection, SCF and MyClone?


The numbering starts  with each major group.  It would make sense to have Funko->Pop!->Animation , Funko-> Pop! ->Movies,
Funko -> Hikari ( these don't have identifiers)  anything more specific under the initial grouping would create a lot of 1-off subgroups IMO  (Funko -> Pop! -> Television -> Invader Zim for example)  which I think is unnecessary.

The overlap I know off hand would be the Funko ->Pop! -> Movies has the transformers ( 101, 102, 103, 110, 135), Funko -> Pop! -> Television has He-Man (17 - 21 ), then there would also be the Marvel and Heroes overlap for the Marvel / DC lines...

The Hikari line would have overlap with Transformers and He-man...

I think not having them cross linked at inception would be fine. 

If you have a template for the SQL insertion, I could fairly easily create the content for you.


Hey ArchAngelz, are you still interested in building a Funko database? Since this thread fizzled out, we've had a pretty big database built for Tamashii Nations toys, which is similar to Funko in that it covers a large amount of licenses and sublines. If you're still into this, let me know and I'll start adding categories.


Quick update: we've added a dedicated Funko category to the site since the last post. And if anyone would like to contribute to the building of this database, your help will be much appreciated, because - dang - this is a lot of stuff for one person to enter.

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