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This special edition WFC-GS13 Hubcap figure is the first modern era update inspired by the 1986 Mini-Vehicle mail-away. He even features the classic orange face unique to the original toy release. Hubcap is a character with some serious identity issues. Not only is he often confused with Bumblebee for being of similar size and color, but the original 1986 mail-away mislabeled him as Cliffjumper. Not that anyone knew who Hubcap was at the time anyway. Though he appeared in the 1986 Mini-Vehicle assortment, he was only introduced into Transformers entertainment in 2007 with the release of IDW's Megatron Origin Issue #3.

This Hubcap figure converts from robot to sportscar mode in 18 steps and comes with an arm cannon accessory. The hood of his car mode can be held in robot mode as a shield.

Includes Generations Selects Deluxe Class Hubcap figure, accessories, and instructions.

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CanadaAug 27, 2020 ? CAD
United StatesSep 1, 2020 19.99 USD

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